Our Journal

  • The Plastic Waste Challenge

    Plastic pollution is a pressing challenge, with Australians producing greenhouse gases equivalent to 5.7 million cars per year due to their plastic consumption. Despite efforts to reduce, reuse, and recycle, Australia remains a heavy plastic user, generating more single-use plastic waste per person than almost any other country. This not only leads to landfill pollution but also poses a significant threat to marine life. Urgent action is needed to promote recycling programs, sustainable alternatives, and responsible plastic use. Fortunately, there's growing awareness, with individuals and businesses seeking ways to minimize plastic waste. Boxhead Plastics is one such company, recycling plastic car bumper bars and creating unique products under the Naiteev brand. Their initiatives aim to inspire others to embrace eco-friendly practices and reduce reliance on single-use plastics.

  • The Perfect Father's Day Gift

    Father’s Day, the 3rd of September, is a special holiday that celebrates fathers all around the globe. Father's Day is a heartfelt celebration dedi...
  • Sustainable Living

    Climate change. One of the most contested, controversial and debated phrases of the 21st century. But what is the debate about? Why is it so contr...
  • Lets Talk About Drink Coasters, Recycled Plastic Drink Coasters

    Boxhead Plastics is the charity that makes the, Naiteev drink coasters. Boxhead Plastics, is 100% volunteer-run and is a registered charity. Boxhea...
  • Why buy Recycled Plastic products

    The Naiteev golf tees and Naiteev drink coasters are made from locally collected and recycled waste plastic car bumper bars. Naiteev plays a positi...
  • Eco Gift Packs for every Occasion

    Each of these Gift Packs come gift-wrapped with sustainable, paper-only packaging along with carbon neutral Australia wide free shipping. This means no compromises would be required our sustainable practices for you to be playing Santa.

  • What do Golf Tees and Cars have in Common

    Can every day items be made out of recycled plastic from our cars? The Naiteev Golf Tee is exactly that, made from recycled plastic car bumper bars !

  • Our Partnership with Tomorrow Golf

    Recycled Plastic Golf Balls sold right here in Australia. Did you know that sustainably manufactured golf balls can not be purchased in Australia. So Naiteev has gone world wide to source the best sustainable recycled golf balls for just for you