Lets Talk About Drink Coasters, Recycled Plastic Drink Coasters

Boxhead Plastics is the charity that makes the, Naiteev drink coasters. Boxhead Plastics, is 100% volunteer-run and is a registered charity. Boxhead Plastics is a female-founded social enterprise with the sole purpose of caring for our environment and our community.

We care for our environment and the community by making our products, such as the Naiteev drink coaster, from recycled plastic that we have collected. When you purchase our recycled plastic coasters you are providing work for our local people and caring for our earth. 

Purchasing our recycled palstic coasters is not only good for the earth but good for your home and is the easiest and most practical way to protect your furniture. Using the Naiteev Coaster will protect your furniture from drinks leaving stains and marks on your lovely furniture and create a soothing asthetic apeal to your home.  

What is the Naiteev Coaster Made of?

Our recycled plastic coasters are purely eco-friendly. All of our coasters are made out of recycled scrap plastic car bumper bars, specifically recycled polypropylene plastic. This waste plastic has been collected, recycled, and remanufactured right here in Australia. We are proud to carry the Australian Made and Owned License.



What do you get when you purchase our Naiteev Coasters Coasters?

Our most popular set is the harmonious range of eucalypt-inspired coasters which resembles our logo and conveys our eco-driven purpose to help save the environment. Each set comes with six individual design coasters that will sit beautifully in your living room. For $24.95 you are removing plastic waste from our landfills and our bushlands and making a practical purchase for your home; caring for both the environment and your furniture.

Based on our customer's review, the Naiteev coaster is said to be highly durable, easy to clean, and looks stunning in all settings. AND our customers love the plastic-free packaging.


Our Simple Black Recycled Plastic Coasters Range

Also made from recycled car bumper bars, the matte black Naiteev Recycled Plastic Coasters have a simpler and more minimalistic design. Each pack contains 4 individual coasters for $16.95 including free shipping. These sleek stylish coasters are great for businesses and industrial settings and are marked at a great price.

Coasters with your own design?

Thinking of creating coasters with your own design? Whether you own a business or work at a company our Naiteev Recycled Plastic Coasters are open for customized orders accommodating the design or logo of your choice. With us, you are able to design sustainable and eco-friendly coasters for any occasion, made from recycled car bumper bars produced with the best finishes, function, and high-quality visuals.




The importance of Supporting Sustainable Products 

Each year, Australia produces a total of 3.5 million tonnes of plastic waste and only 12% is recycled. Australians consumed 501,900 tonnes of virgin polypropylene plastic annually while only 8.9% of this is recovered. This particular statistic shows an incredible concern for the underlying issue of the number of plastics that aren’t being recycled in Australia, hence  initiative such as the Naiteev Coaster, manufactured from recycle polypropylene plastic is very important for the Australian environment.

Boxhead Plastics' vision is to collect every single polypropylene scrap plastic car bumper bar in Australia and see it recycled back into useful products. By purchasing the Naiteev Drink Coaster you are helping to reclaim some of this plastic waste and supporting a local charity to continue its environmental work. Plus your furniture will love you for it.