Tomorrow Golf; Recycled Golf Balls

 The problem...

420 million lost golf balls. Every year.

Although we try to avoid it, we all lose golf balls on the course. On average people lose 3-4 balls per round, which accounts for more than 420 million lost golf balls worldwide. Most of these balls stay in the water hazards, bushes or high grass for years and years.

A golf ball's core is usually made from Polybutadiene, a specific type of synthetic rubber that is petroleum-based and also used for tire manufacturing. The cover is made from Ionomer or Urethane, essentially plastic.

Depending on the type of ball, these materials take between 100 and 1000 years to decompose, while continually releasing chemicals and micro-plastics into our ecosystem.

...the Tomorrow Golf solution

Turning waste into new golf balls.

To tackle this problem, we collect lost golf balls from golf clubs all over Europe together with our amazing partners. We then sort the balls by quality. Relatively new balls go directly into second-hand sale (which is a great sustainable option).

Damaged balls would normally go to waste. That's where we come in. The core of damaged balls is reprocessed, a new cover layer is added and tomorrow golf balls are born.

This way we save resources, 38.6 grams of new synthetic rubber per ball to be exact. This is almost 90% of the golf ball's weight. At the same time we help to keep our lakes, rivers and oceans clean.