The Perfect Father's Day Gift

Father’s Day, the 3rd of September, is a special holiday that celebrates fathers all around the globe. Father's Day is a heartfelt celebration dedicated to honoring and appreciating the important role fathers play in our lives. It's a time to express gratitude for their guidance, support, and unconditional love.

The 3rd of September can be a special day for our dads, but often we find ourselves struggling to find that ‘perfect’ gift. We may see ourselves struggling between choices, be it to make a handmade gift or to buy a gift, and what gift would he like and use.

What if we at Naiteev presented you with some simple but unique gift options, that tell your dad you care and is great for the environment?


 Naiteev’s Eco Golf Tees

Recycled Plastic Golf Tees

On Father’s Day, there would be no better outdoor activity to enjoy with your father than golf. Naiteev’s golf tees are recyclable, durable and made for high performance on the golf course. Available in standard 57mm and wedge 80mm options, these golf tees ensure that you will have the best golfing activity with your father while keeping the environment green.


Naiteev’s Eco Drink Coasters

Recycled Plastic Coasters


Perhaps having your favourite beverage with your father would be a better activity if you both prefer to relax and unwind together. With Naiteev’s drink coasters, you can have a drink together with your father to celebrate Father’s Day, knowing that you made a great choice for the planet. 100% recycled plastic drink coasters are very durable and stylish, coming in 5 uniquely designed options.


Get both products together!

Recycled Plastic Golf Balls Recycled Plastic Golf Tees


If both products sound equally amazing, why not get both of them together? With Naiteev’s All in One gift pack, you can get standard and wedge golf tees packed with ‘Tomorrow Golf’ recycled plastic golf balls plus a 6 set of drink coasters all together. It will be a perfect gift for your father for Father’s Day.

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