Our Partnership with Tomorrow Golf

Recycled Golf Balls

We’ve set out to level the playing field when it comes to sustainable products in the Golf-industry. We all know this industry is in desperate need of a shake up, so to support our Recycled Plastic Golf Tees, we have partnered with Tomorrow Golf, ensuring you can hit off a recycled tee, using a recycled golf ball.


It's time that golf adapted to the modern world. This means, consideration of not just where we play, but what we play with. Playing golf affords us the privilege to be out amongst nature for hours on end, so why not take steps to protect our Planet by making golf products out of what would otherwise end up in Landfill. 

How do you recycle Golf Balls?

As the founders of Tomorrow Golf declare, this is not a straight forward process. As part of their program, the founders collect damaged and discarded Golf balls, crushing the exterior and reusing the centre core material to create brand new sustainable golf balls. This means, you can have a hit without worrying you're inheriting dings and chips from any other golfer but rest easy, knowing care was taken to ensure the damaged balls weren't just tossed into Landfill.


Our Partnership

Given, we're in the business of recycling waste to give your game a new field of green, a partnership with this duo was inevitable. 

We offer bundles of our tees and their performance-focused balls so you can go green both on and off the course.

Shop our Tomorrow Golf x Naiteev Bundles here.