Why buy Recycled Plastic products

The Naiteev golf tees and Naiteev drink coasters are made from locally collected and recycled waste plastic car bumper bars. Naiteev plays a positive role in the fight against plastic waste by reducing plastic pollution and reducing the effects of climate change.  Naiteev locally manufactures its products from recycled plastic to promote Australian circular economies and to increase Australian manufacturing which creates Australian jobs.

Recycled Plastic Coasters
Coasters made from recycled plastic car bumer bars

Did you know that the bulk of plastics produced today ends up in either landfill, gets leached into the environment or are incinerated! The worlds plastic recycle rate is only 9% and we now product twice as much plastic as we did two decades ago. Shockingly, plastics account for 3.4% of global greenhouse gas emissions.

Plastic Waste
Plastic waste in the ocean
But why are so many products made from plastic? Because plastic is light weight which increases fuel economy, it is strong and durable, plastic keeps food fresh reducing food waste, it is resistant to corrosion and moisture, it is hygienic and can be sterilized, unfortunately the list goes on and on for the benefits of plastic. 

On the flip side plastic is incredibly harmful to the environment and wildlife because it sticks around in the environment for ages. It is also made from finite resources such as oil or natural gas which contributes to global warming. Almost all plastics are made using chemicals and its manufacturing process causes waste emissions from cradle to grave.


Scrap Plastic Car Bumper Bars
Piles of scrap plastic car bumper bars

So how are we going to balance the two opposites? The fact is we will never get rid of plastic nor will us humans ever stop making products, or using products made from plastic. Yes, we all play a part in the plastic problem. But we can all play a part in the plastic solution, by recycling and reusing the plastic we already have on this planet.

Recycling is a great way that you can combat the negative effects of plastic in our everyday lives, however we can go one step further and purchase recycled products which support the circularity of your recycling efforts. This is the beauty of plastic, it can be recycled and reused over and over again.

There are many benefits to purchasing recycle plastic products as it helps to reduce waste and conserve resources, reducing greenhouse gas emissions. You are also helping to keep unnecessary waste out of landfill and waterways. Purchasing recycle plastic products decreases fossil fuel consumption and saves natural resources.

If you want to be more environmentally concise and have a positive impact on the earth’s wellbeing, buying recycled products is one way to achieve this. With your purchases you are supporting recycled products worldwide and the recycling programs and businesses that make them. You are helping to create jobs and boost the circular economy.

Recycled Plastic Golf Tees
Gifts made from recycled plastics 

As a company, Naiteev is taking action to reduce the pollution created by designing and manufacturing products made from recycled plastics. Our products help you to have a smaller environmental footprint and have big impacts on reversing the effects of climate change.

Remember: first we must reduce and reuse, then we recycle! But, without a market for recycled products, all our collective recycling efforts would be useless!

So, next time you are shopping, look out for products fully or partially made with recycled content! And don’t forget to check out for our range of recycled plastic products.